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Logo Drillma

The DRILLMA, Materials and Geotechnical Equipment Lda., Based in Sintra is a supplier for the domestic market of Foundations, Geotechnics and Mines.


With the experience in this demanding market, our goal is to bring added value to the sector, this added value is based on the following assumptions:


  • Small diameter drilling and Jet Grouting, as well as all equipment and associated tools;

  • Piles equipment and associated tool;

  • Systems and equipment for drilling and mining systems;

  • Certificate steel tube for reinforcing microcuttings, with multiple injection system valves or headlines;

  • Tools for ground prospecting, drilling and specialized drilling;

  • Instrumentation, instrumentation equipment for structure and soil as well as equipment for decontamination of soil and environment;

  • Technical assistance to equipment by accredited team, formed in the supplier with the aim of a quick and effective response, as demands this type of work of foundations and geotechnical;


Also as the manufacturing and adaptation of equipments.


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